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EdTech Tools Dashboard

The Educational Technology Products listed on this page is a comprehensive list of requested tools to be integrated into Bruin Learn. You can use the filter function to identify available tools and those in various stages of review through UCLA's Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) process. To request a new integration or follow up on an existing request's status, use the request form.

Hover over available products for help guides. 

Products are displayed alphabetically by default.


Product: Also called LTI, External Tool, 3rd-Party Tools, and Apps. This is the software that enables specific functionality. The majority are Software as a Service (Saas) provided by the Vendor.

Status: Denotes the status of the request.

  • Requested - A request has been made and is in the backlog.
  • In Review - The request requirements and use-case are undergoing review including learning more about the functionality, supplier, costs, support options, existing campus or UC licensing agreement. Multiple stakeholders are engaged during this phase, including the Bruin Learn Working Group, security, accessibility, privacy, and UCLA Purchasing.
  • On Hold - The process is on hiatus for any number of reasons, including: remediation of accessibility, security, data use and privacy concerns; identifying available funding sources; negotiations with the supplier; re-consideration of the original need, etc.
  • Testing - The product has been approved by Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) and preparation for testing and installation is underway. Prior to availability, post-approval work may include resolving technical integration issues, platform configuration, developing training and support materials, etc.
  • Available - The product is installed and available for campus-wide use in Bruin Learn.
  • Available at a Cost - The product is available for purchase by units requiring the functionality the tool provides.
  • Not Approved - The product did not meet UCLA requirements and/or is no longer needed.

Campus-wide or Unit Specific: Identifies the scope of the agreement and integration. Integrations can be course-specific, sub-account specific, or campus-wide. 

Category: To facilitate discoverability, each EdTech Product fits into a functional area, such as (1) assessment, proctoring, and grading; (2) media hosting, captioning, and interactivity; (3) engagement and collaboration; (4) publisher and library;  (5) course design & management, (6) accessibility.

Description: Brief explanation of the product.