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Bruin Learn Support and Resources

There are a number of ways to access support for Bruin Learn. Self-paced courses and modules, live trainings, office hours, and recorded webinars can be accessed below. 

Resource & Link Description
Bruin Learn Resources UCLA's Guide to Using Bruin Learn
OFFICE HOURS Drop-in Office Hours
Live Training Upcoming Live Training Events
Recorded Webinars Links to Previous Training Sessions and Workshops
self-paced training Training options available for Faculty, TAs, Students, and Staff


Educational Technology (EdTech) Tools can be integrated with Bruin Learn to support the teaching and learning experience. To check the status or availability of an EdTech tool, use the link below.

Resource & Link DESCRIPTION
Academic Technology tools Status of Academic Technology Tools on Bruin Learn


Additionally, faculty and staff can reach out to Bruin Learn support through the following channels:

Resource & Link Description
Chat with Canvas Support  Live chat with Canvas Support (24/7)
Call Canvas Support Call 855-335-9041 (24/7)
Submit a Ticket to Canvas Support Submit an Issue to Canvas Support (24/7) For technical issues or Canvas access needs