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There may be a few reasons why your course is “missing” or not where you expected, such as the site not being published yet or because you just registered for the course (it takes a few hours for student enrollments to update in Bruin Learn). To learn more about finding your course, review the instructions in this guide: Why isn’t my course in Bruin Learn? 
To change your name in Bruin Learn, review the instructions in this guide: Updating Your Name and Email Address in Bruin Learn.  
To upload a profile picture to your Bruin Learn user account, review the instructions in this guide: How do I add a profile picture in my user account as a student?
You can access Bruin Learn by usinga browser on your mobile device, or by downloadingthe Canvas Student App
You can subscribe to your Bruin Learn Calendar so that your assignment due dates and other important events from your courses appear in your Google calendar. To learn more, review the instructions in this guide:How do I subscribe to the Calendar feed using Google Calendar as a student?
Check your syllabus to learn your professor’s preferred method of communication. If they are using the Bruin Learn email tool, which is called Inbox or Conversations, review the instructions in this guide:How do I send a message to a user in a course in the Inbox as a student?
Review and change your Notification settings to ensure they are being delivered to the correct email address and at the frequency you prefer.To learn more, review the instructions in this guide:Adding and setting your default email address and notification settings in Bruin Learn.We strongly recommend you keep Announcement and Conversation Message notifications set to “notify me right away”. Many instructors use these for primary communications with the class. 
Ensure that third-party cookies are not being restricted on the page you are viewing. If the lecture is on Bruincast/UCLA Media Reserves, please ensure you areconnected to the internet via UCLA Campus VPN. 
You lose access to course sites two weeks into the start of the following term. Please contact your instructor to request extended access. They can follow the instructions in this guide:Course access after a term. 
Please contact your instructor. They will need to submit theBruin Learn – CCLE Archive Request form.