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What was the LMS Transformation? 


UCLA embarked on a process to implement a new LMS across the community in early Spring 2021 with a commitment to providing students a learning environment that engages them with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for future success, The events of the past (COVID, etc.) amplified UCLA’s need to evaluate and enhance the learning technology of the institution to not only meet our current needs but set the standard for teaching excellence, academic achievement, and inclusivity in the future. Serving as a key enabler of a more comprehensive teaching and learning plan, Bruin Learn is a solution that prioritizes academic and pedagogical needs that elevates the overall faculty and student experience at UCLA. Bruin Learn was developed in close partnership between Teaching & Learning, IT Services, and the academic units. 

Vision Statement

The Bruin Learn transformation will enable a world-class, integrated teaching and learning experience for faculty and students that sets the standard for teaching excellence, academic achievement, and inclusivity.

Guiding Principles

Icon for the principle of Prioritize pedagogy

Prioritize Pedagogy

Create a functional and effective solution for faculty and students by prioritizing academic and pedagogical needs.

Icon for the principle of Emphasize Experience

Emphasize Experience

Elevate the teaching and learning experience at UCLA by emphasizing an equitable, consistent, and engaging experience for all users.

Icon for the principle of Cultivate Community & Culture

Cultivate Community & Culture

Create a world-class teaching and learning culture at UCLA by cultivating a collaborative community.

Icon for the principle of Consider Cross-Functional Scalability

Infuse Continuous Innovation

Prevent academic and technological stagnation by continuously infusing industry-shaping thinking and practices.

Icon for the principle of Infuse Continuous Innovation

Consider Cross-Functional Scalability

Enable an enduring and scalable solution by considering current and future cross-functional needs.

LMS Transformation by the Numbers

  • 2 Pilots (Summer '21 and Fall '21)
  • 4 Go-Lives (Winter '21, Spring '22, Summer '22 and Fall '22)
  • 4,500+ Instructors and Staff Supported in Bruin Learn
  • 50,000+ Student Users
  • 40+ EdTech Tools Integrated in Bruin Learn
  • 100+ Resource Documents
  • 150+ Office Hours Held

LMS Transformation Communications

Communications sent to UCLA faculty, staff, and students during the LMS Transformation can be viewed on the Previous Communications page. 

Migrated and Archived Courses

Courses taught in CCLE/Moodle over the past three years (Spring 2019 – Summer 2022) have been copied (migrated) into Bruin Learn. For more information on how to access courses copied into Bruin Learn, review the instructions on this page: Migrated Courses

Forming the Bruin Learn Center of Excellence

The LMS Transformation Team identified the need to develop a dedicated team post-implementation to provide enterprise-wide support for UCLA's new Learning Management System. The Bruin Learn Center of Excellence was developed to meet the following needs:

  • A close connection to a broad range of enterprise-wide support for cutting-edge technology.
  • A model to provide for the continued innovation required by the goals outlined in the project vision and principles.
  • An organization to work closely with the governance groups to explore and adopt leading processes, tools, and practices and identify teaching and learning centers and academic needs.
  • An organization which supports the creation and sharing of best practices enabled by technology through collaboration with campus teaching and learning centers and academic units.
  • A structure that allows for cross-campus feedback from faculty, local units, teaching and learning centers, and governance groups to benchmark efficacy and maintain alignment with academic needs.

Transformation Governance

The LMS Transformation was guided by three main governance committees. Each committee was made up of different representatives from across the university to advise, execute, decide and escalate important aspects of the LMS Transformation.  

Advisory Committee

  • Advise on all aspects of the implementation of and transition to Bruin Learn.
  • Serve as a conduit of ideas, issues, and recommendations to the Project Owners and, as appropriate, to the Steering Committee as the project moves forward.

Steering Committee

  • Guided the strategy, implementation approaches, and intended outcomes of the project. 
  • Reviewed project progress, provided recommendations on escalated issues, fostered transparent communication, and contributed to the evaluation of the project. 

Software Advisory Group

  • Evaluated software recommendations for inclusion into the Bruin Learn platform and forward those recommendations to the Advisory Committee. 

Transition to Steady State Governance

As the project came to a close in Fall 2022, so did the governance structures put in place during the LMS Transformation. Two new committees were established to ensure the steady state organization and sustainability of Bruin Learn: the Bruin Learn Working Group and the Academic Technology Committee.

Bruin Learn Working Group

  • Established November 2022
  • Advises the CoE on all aspects of the operation and support of Bruin Learn by representing the diverse needs of UCLA’s many stakeholders, including faculty, student, and staff. 
  • Escalates significant issues and opportunities to the Academic Technology Committee for decision-making. 

Academic Technology Committee (Pending)

  • Decides on academic technologies, policies, and standards related to the adoption and use of campus technologies.
  • Escalates decisions that cannot be resolved.