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MyUCLA Gradebook Integration


The MyUCLA Gradebook integration gives instructors the ability to import grades from Bruin Learn to MyUCLA. Instructors can choose to import final grades as they appear in Bruin Learn, or import individual assignment grades into a custom grade plan in MyUCLA. Suggested final grades can then be reviewed and approved before submitting final grades to the Registrar’s office. 

Primary Benefits

  • Allows instructors to move student grades from Bruin Learn to MyUCLA
  • Removes the need for redundant data entry
  • Offers two methods to transfer grades; one that offers simplicity and another that offers flexibility

Getting Started

Finalize your Bruin Learn gradebook before transferring grades to MyUCLA

  • Make sure there is a grade value for all assignments. There should be no empty cells in your gradebook.
  • Where necessary, you can excuse assignments using the code EX.
  • Post any hidden grades.

Decide which method you want to use to transfer grades to MyUCLA

Method 1: Import Final grades from Bruin Learn to MyUCLA

  • Use this method if the final scores in your Bruin Learn Gradebook are accurate, and reflect the final grades that should be submitted to the Registrar.

Method 2: Import individual Bruin Learn Grade Items to MyUCLA

  • Use this method if you only want to import certain items from your Bruin Learn Gradebook, or incorporate grades from other external sources with those from Bruin Learn.


For questions about grading within Bruin Learn, please contact

For questions about grading within MyUCLA, please contact or 310-206-4525.