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What is the Bruin Learn Center of Excellence (CoE)?

UCLA’s Bruin Learn Center of Excellence (CoE) is a specialized team focused on enhancing the Bruin Learn user experience campus wide, continuing innovation, and increasing university collaboration across the education technology space. At its core, the CoE:

  • Provides technical expertise and infrastructural support to the UCLA community.
  • Responds equitably to faculty and student requests for support and improvement coming from across the campus by design.
  • Works closely with the governance groups to explore and adopt leading processes, tools, and practices, as well as to identify important academic technology investments.
  • Collaborates with campus teaching and learning centers and academic units to support the creation and sharing of best practices enabled by technology.
  • Maintains a structure that allows for cross-campus feedback from faculty, local units, T&L centers, and governance groups to benchmark efficacy and maintain alignment with academic needs.