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Peerceptiv Overview

Peerceptiv is a peer learning and collaboration tool integrated into Bruin Learn that includes Peer Review assessment, as well as Team Member Evaluation assignments, in which students evaluate themselves and their peers on their group participation, leadership, and collaboration skills.

Primary Benefits

The Peer Review activity streamlines formative and summative assessment with flexible peer feedback criteria and self-reflection, while Team Member Evaluation streamlines how students assess their peers’ collaboration skills, based on teacher-designed criteria, saving instructor time on individualizing the final group project grades.

Information for Instructors

Getting Started

  1. Decide which tool you would like to use: Peer Review or Team Member Evaluation
  2. E-mail Bruin Learn Support ( with the instructions and/or rubric for your assignment. Depending on the complexity of the activity, we will work with you and/or coordinate a consultation with a Peerceptiv Instructional Specialist to set up your activity. 
  3. Set up a Peerceptiv activity (video) in your Bruin Learn course site.

Video Tutorials

Information for Students

Video Tutorials for Using the Peer Review Tool:

Video Tutorials for Using the Team Member Evaluation Tool:

Vendor Knowledge Base for Students:

Additional Resources 




LTI Functionality
LTI Scope

LTI Scope Definitions

  • Campuswide - LTI tools are available in any Bruin Learn course.
  • Sub-account - LTI tools have limited availability. These are often requested and funded by specific divisions, departments, or courses. These LTIs can be found by filtering via Status =  "Available at a Cost."
LTI Status

LTI Status Definitions

  • Requested - Requested tools are in the earliest phases for inclusion in Bruin Learn. This phase includes learning more about the functionality, supplier, costs, support options, existing campus or UC licensing agreements, etc.
  • In Review - The LTI tool is undergoing review by multiple stakeholders, including software advisory workgroups, security, accessibility, funding, data use and privacy, and UCLA Purchasing.
  • On Hold - The LTI tool process is on hiatus for any number of reasons, including: remediation of accessibility, security, data use and privacy concerns; identifying available funding sources; negotiations with the supplier; re-consideration of the original need, etc.
  • Approved - The LTI tool process has been approved and preparation for installation is underway. Prior to availability, post-approval work may include resolving technical integration issues, developing training, etc. 
  • Available - The LTI tool process is installed and available for general use in Bruin Learn.
  • Available at a cost - The LTI tool has been reviewed and approved and is available for purchase by units requiring the functionality the tool provides.
  • Contact ASUCLA Bookstore - Publisher-related LTI tools are obtained through the ASUCLA Bookstore.