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"Campuswide" LTI tools are available available in any Bruin Learn course. Compare to "sub-account" tools which have limited availability, and are often requested and funded by specific divisions, departments, or courses.

Clicker Cloud is a 100% online system that allows students to participate in polls and answer questions during class. iClicker Cloud offers advanced polling, quizzing, and online grading for remote, face-to-face and hybrid presentations.
Ally works to make course content accessible. It checks for accessibility issues and generates alternative formats, guides instructors on how to improve their course content, and provides institutional wide reporting on content accessibility.
Gradescope is a grading platform that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline certain aspects of grading.
Peerceptiv is a peer learning and collaboration tool integrated into Bruin Learn that includes Peer Review assessment, as well as Team Member Evaluation assignments, in which students evaluate themselves and their peers on their group participation, leadership, and collaboration skills.
FeedbackFruits is a suite of peer review tools that have been integrated with Bruin Learn.
UCLA Media Reserves is a custom UCLA solution that allows users to access content from the IMS Library, Music Reserves, and BruinCast through a single portal.
Piazza is a Q&A platform that lets students interact with classmates, perform edits on answers posted by other candidates, and participate in follow-up discussions.
Leganto eases the discovery and use of these UCLA Library-licensed resources for faculty and students by integrating content from Alma/Primo within their Bruin Learn courses.
Perusall is a social annotation LTI tool that integrates with Bruin Learn. Perusall enables students and their instructors to collaboratively annotate and comment on PDF articles, videos, webpages, and podcasts.