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Zoom Video Conferencing


Zoom is a video conferencing solution which is integrated into Bruin Learn. Within Bruin Learn, Instructors and TAs can either pre-schedule Zoom meetings or start them instantly, making them available to students through the integrated platform. Zoom can be easily added to the course navigation menu, offering various features such as serving as a virtual classroom for live, interactive class sessions, facilitating pre-recorded or live lectures, conducting virtual office hours, and enabling virtual small group collaboration.

Primary Benefits

  • Zoom works across a wide range of devices, supports audio and video recording, transcripts, built-in collaboration tools, and has secure meeting capabilities (passcode protection, waiting rooms, attendee on hold, etc.)
  • Instruction is enhanced with powerful collaboration tools, including video breakout rooms, multi-sharing, polling, and group chats.
  • Cloud recording enables asynchronous learning. 
  • Meeting hosts can publish recordings that are ready to be shared with the rest of the class in the Cloud Recordings tab.
  • An additional integration with Kaltura copies Zoom Cloud recordings to the host’s My Media.
  • Zoom meetings that are scheduled through Bruin Learn populate student calendars, dashboards and their To Do sections with convenient notifications and meeting links.
  • The Zoom integration allows hosts to schedule recurring meetings and assign alternative hosts directly within Bruin Learn.


All UCLA faculty, students, and staff are eligible for free Zoom Pro licenses as part of the IT Services' Connect from Home software bundle. 

For Instructors and TAs

Instructors and TAs are able to schedule meetings, add alternative hosts, and manage and publish recordings. Instructors and TAs have standard Zoom permissions to designate co-hosts, configure breakout rooms, control sharing permissions, utilize annotation and use whiteboard features. Instructors and TAs will find copies of their Zoom recordings in both their Cloud Recordings tab under Zoom, as well as in their My Media.

For Students

Students are able to join scheduled meetings in the Zoom section of their course under the Upcoming Meetings tab. Zoom meetings will also be listed on the Bruin Learn Dashboard in the To Do section, as well as the Calendar. A record of previous meetings is also available. Zoom recordings that are published by the host of a meeting will be found in the Cloud Recordings tab.

Getting Started


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LTI Functionality
LTI Scope

LTI Scope Definitions

  • Campuswide - LTI tools are available in any Bruin Learn course.
  • Sub-account - LTI tools have limited availability. These are often requested and funded by specific divisions, departments, or courses. These LTIs can be found by filtering via Status =  "Available at a Cost."
LTI Status

LTI Status Definitions

  • Requested - Requested tools are in the earliest phases for inclusion in Bruin Learn. This phase includes learning more about the functionality, supplier, costs, support options, existing campus or UC licensing agreements, etc.
  • In Review - The LTI tool is undergoing review by multiple stakeholders, including software advisory workgroups, security, accessibility, funding, data use and privacy, and UCLA Purchasing.
  • On Hold - The LTI tool process is on hiatus for any number of reasons, including: remediation of accessibility, security, data use and privacy concerns; identifying available funding sources; negotiations with the supplier; re-consideration of the original need, etc.
  • Approved - The LTI tool process has been approved and preparation for installation is underway. Prior to availability, post-approval work may include resolving technical integration issues, developing training, etc. 
  • Available - The LTI tool process is installed and available for general use in Bruin Learn.
  • Available at a cost - The LTI tool has been reviewed and approved and is available for purchase by units requiring the functionality the tool provides.
  • Contact ASUCLA Bookstore - Publisher-related LTI tools are obtained through the ASUCLA Bookstore.